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Catapilla™ is a modular cat tree with a twist - it's made up of compartments that can be stacked up to four units high & rotated independently of each other in 360°.

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Body Slate


Body Slate


Stackable Body compartment finished in Slate Coir with Black Twist Pile internal

Ø43cm H40cm W10kg


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Catapilla™ is made up of connecting Body compartments & Body+ compartments that have integrated recessed platform - each compartment has an access hole & it's own private enclosure for sleeping & relaxing.

Catapilla™ can be configured as single Body or Body+ compartments without a Base or stacked on a Base up to three Bodies with a Body+ on top. 

Body compartments have top & bottom connections, which are centred so that the compartments can be assembled in any order, either way up & rotated to face in any direction. 

The Body+ has a recessed platform on top & a centred bottom connection for fixing in to a Body compartment below when stacked.

A lid is available to finish off the top of a Body compartment when used as a stand alone unit or when configured without a Body+ compartment on top.