Frequently Asked Questions

Can we stack our Catapilla™ more than four units high?

Yes but we strongly advise against it as the product has been specifically designed around a maximum of four assembled units & exceeding this may lead to the unit toppling or breaking.

If you would like a taller version of our Catapilla™ unit then take a look at our Hicat® floor-to-ceiling cat climbers.


Do we need a base if we want to stack more than one unit high?

Again, the units have been designed so that when you build up two or more units you either need to fix them to a base or as an option you can purchase a Hicat® Wall Fixing Kit to secure the units.


Can we purchase a special Catapilla™ unit?

Yes, we can make specials - please get in touch & we will be happy to help.


Are there any restrictions on how we set-up & rotate the units?

No, as long as you adhere to our stacking conditions you can rotate the units independently of each other.


Will I have to pay tax, import & custom charges if I order from outside of the EU?

Yes, you will. Unfortunately, these charges differ greatly from country to country so we can't even give an indication of likely fees payable so should contact your country's customs department who can advise.


If we purchase a unit now then add to it later will the coir finish look the same?

Because coir is batch dyed there's a good chance that the colour may vary slightly plus being made up of natural fibres means that weave characteristics will never be exact across supplier stock. 


Will the coir finish fade over time?

Yes, you will see fading in the external finish of units over time particularly if placed in direct sunshine.

Are the finishes accurate in terms of colour & material?

We've done our best to get a close match with the product visualisation on the website but you obviously won't be looking at an exact product match - weave irregularities, yarn knots & colour variation are common place for the natural coir material that we use on our products & on top of this you will also have variations in colour depending on browser & device settings.

We are happy to send out samples but please bear in mind that carpet supplies will also vary slightly in terms of colour & finish so please don't expect a perfect match between sample & finished article.

Can the Body units be cleaned?

Yes, if a section of the external coir finish becomes soiled it can be treated using a soft brush with a little warm water (do not soak the unit) & mild detergent.

Soiling on the internal twist pile finish can be treated as per our coir finish but scrubbing can be more vigorous & cleaning products, including diluted bleach, used as long as the unit is not soaked.

Does coir shed fibres?

The coir will shed fibres when scratched & climbed so we recommend vacuuming inside & out from time-to-time to make sure that this debris never become an irritation to your cat.